Appliance maintenance tips (air conditioners)

Appliance Maintenance (Part 3) Air conditioner

As the regulated e-waste recylcer approved by the Environmental Protection Department of the HKSAR government, ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions (HK) Limited receives many discarded electrical appliances from citizens and organizations every day. Surprisingly, many of them are still in good condition and can be used. Some appliances even have minor problems that can be fixed by technicians due to improper use or maintenance. To help everyone easily extend the life of their appliances, save money, and reduce waste, we have prepared a series of “Appliance Maintenance” tips.

Although air conditioners are not needed all year round, it’s important to clean and maintain them thoroughly so that they can operate smoothly and cool down your place during the summer. Here are some air conditioner maintenance tips:

– Clean the dust filter with water every 1-2 weeks

– Set the air conditioner to the highest fan speed to prevent overheating

– Switch to fan mode for 10 minutes before turning off the air conditioner to dry the internal components

– Turn off the power switch about 15-20 minutes after turning off the air conditioner