Our Story

In 2015 the Hong Kong SAR Government awarded a contract to ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions (HK) Ltd. (ALBA IWS) to design, build and operate an integrated waste management facility for waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) in Hong Kong. The services provided begin with free door to door collection and ends with the removal of hazardous materials and turning the waste into valuable secondary raw materials at the state-of-the-art WEEE · PARK facility that was built under the contract.

ALBA IWS is a joint venture between the ALBA Group Asia and the Integrated Waste Solutions Group Holdings Limited (IWS). ALBA originated more than 50 years ago from Germany and have now accumulated more than 20 years recycling experience in Asia. Rooted in Hong Kong, IWS is an experienced enterprise that provides solid waste management services including confidential materials destruction service, waste paper management, waste plastic recycling as well as waste collection and logistics services.

Building upon German experience and advanced technology, together with local expertise; ALBA IWS has, since 2017, been providing a quality and comprehensive regulated e-waste recycling service to the citizens and businesses of Hong Kong.

Our Vision

By collecting e-waste, reburbishing collected appliances, donating to the needy and educating the public, we aim to transform waste into resources. We work with different parties and the community towards a zero e-waste Hong Kong.