Located in Tuen Mun’s EcoPark, WEEE · PARK is a state-of-the-art Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) treatment and recycling facility in Hong Kong. We send our collected e-waste there and turn them into secondary raw materials through detoxification, dismantling and cracking. Equipped with advanced technologies, the facility imposes stringent control over hazardous components contained in WEEE, preventing pollution to the environment.

WEEE Transform Waste

Sustainable and Green Features

WEEE · PARK has achieved the Final Gold grading of BEAM Plus New Buildings (V1.2) in 2022. As Hong Kong’s main E-waste treatment and recycling facility, WEEE · PARK adopts different green building features to minimize our carbon footprint.

Solar power generation system

30% green coverage including green walls with hardy native climbing plants


Natural lighting

How do we handle
e-waste in Hong Kong

How do we handle e-waste
in Hong Kong

E-waste was treated without proper regulation before WEEE · PARK established (Photo: SCMP 2017)

A proper regulated electrical equipment treatment facility, WEEE · PARK, was established in 2018.

Four Processing Lines at WEEE · PARK

Environmental Benefits – Carbon Saving

As of February 2022, ALBA IWS has recycled over 3 million pieces of WEEE. By recovering the materials, we help the world in reducing carbon emission and hence ease global warming.


WEEE processed

200,000 tonnes

Carbon emission saved*

61,900 tonnes

Components recovered

8,500,000 trees

Equivalent to CO2 absored by over 8.5 millions of trees annually*

*Estimated by ALBA IWS in Feb 2022