Frequently Asked Questions

How to handle/dispose of old electronics?
Old appliances contain many recyclable materials while they also carry chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment. Therefore, we should not dispose of old appliances casually. If you have the regulated e-waste (i.e. air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, television, computer, monitor, printer, and scanner), you can call ALBA IWS at 2676 8888 for our free doorstep collection. If you have other old appliances such as rice cookers, toasters, ovens, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, fans, dehumidifiers, mobile phones, telephones, cameras, etc., it is recommended to call the Environmental Protection Department hotline at 2838 3111 or inquire about recycling details from the nearest GREEN@COMMUNITY.
What is regulated electrical equipment (REE)?
It refers to air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers (i.e. desktops, laptops & tablets), printers, scanners and monitors.
Do you collect the home appliances other than regulated electrical equipment?
ALBA IWS can only recycle regulated electrical equipment. For home appliances out of the list, you may wish to contact the Environmental Protection Department at 2838 3111 for further enquiry.
Do you collect dysfunctional or broken regulated electrical equipment?
ALBA IWS collects all regulated electrical equipment regardless of their condition.
Do you collect computer accessories?
ALBA IWS can collect accessories (e.g. mouses and keyboards) along with the computer. However, computer accessories couldn't be collected separately.
How much is the regulated e-waste collection service?
The regulated e-waste collection service provided by ALBA IWS is free of charge.
Is the door-to-door regulated e-waste collection service available to all locations?
ALBA IWS's regulated e-waste collection service is available to any residential or organizational address from 18 districts in Hong Kong. It covers residential buildings including housing estates, village houses, tenement buildings, as well as commercial buildings.
Apart from door-to-door collection, is there any designated collection point for regulated e-waste?
In additional to door-to-door collection, you can also hand your regulated e-waste to our Regional Collection Centres.
Is there any extra charge if elevator is not available at the collection location?
No, the door-to-door collection service provided by ALBA IWS is free of charge even if an elevator is not available.
How long will it take to complete the collection after I make a request?
ALBA IWS can schedule the collection within 7 working days after you make a request.
Is there any reward if I hand my regulated e-waste to ALBA IWS?
No, ALBA IWS doesn't provide any reward for any regulated e-waste received.
How should I prepare before ALBA IWS comes to collect my regulated e-waste?
Please ensure that your regulated e-waste is unplugged and placed on the floor near the entrance for ALBA IWS's easy collection. For more preparation before colletion, please refer to the guidelines.
Can I visit WEEE · PARK?
Yes, ALBA IWS provides free WEEE · PARK guided tour to the public. You are welcome to book a tour if interested.
What are the available time slots for WEEE · PARK guided tour?
WEEE · PARK is open every Mon to Sat (closed on Sun and public holidays). The available time slots for WEEE · PARK guided tour are: A. 09:30 - 10:30; B. 11:00 - 12:00; C. 14:30 - 15:30; D. 16:00 - 17:00. You are welcome to book a tour if interested.
What is the size of the WEEE · PARK guided tour?
A tour usually consists of 15 - 30 participants.
How do I go to WEEE · PARK?
WEEE · PARK is located in Tuen Mun's EcoPark. You can take the bus route K52 at Tuen Mun MTR station (Exit C2).
What types of refurbished appliances are available for application?
ALBA IWS will refurbish some of the collected window-type air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and televsions. These refurbished appliances will be donated to eligible individuals / organizations.
Who is eligible to apply for refurbished appliances?
Charitable institutions which are exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, or individual applicants who are referred by registered social worker. All applicants must complete an application form. For enquiries, please call 2290 5238 or email us.
Is there any charge to get the refurbished appliances?
No, ALBA IWS will donate the refurbished appliances to the eligible individuals / organizations.
Is delivery of the refurbished appliances available?
Yes, ALBA IWS will deliver the refurbished appliance to the successful applicant for free.
Is installation of the refurbished appliances available?
No, ALBA IWS will not install the refurbished appliances for the beneficiary.
Is there any warranty for the refurbished appliances? Can I ask for an exchange or repair if the item is not working.
ALBA IWS will offer one-month warranty for the refurbished appliances. Please call 2290 5238 for any questions.
How long is the application for refurbished appliances?
It depends on the application number and the availability of refurbished appliances. Thank you for the patience.
Can I apply for several refurbished appliances at the same time?
You can only apply for 1 appliance in one submission. If more than 1 appliance are needed, please sumbit another application.
Is there a waiting number after submitting the application?
No, ALBA IWS will make arrangements based on a 'first-come, first-served' basis.
If I have rejected a refurbished appliances from ALBA IWS, when will they arrange another one for me?
The application will be cancelled if the applicant rejects the offer. He/she has to submit a new application if refurbished appliance is still needed.
Can ALBA IWS prioritize an emergency case for refurbished appliance application?
Yes. Applicants should describe the detailed situaiton on application form and provide proof for ALBA IWS's consideration.
Why shouldn't we give the four appliances and one computer and old electronics to "scavengers" or unlicensed recycling shops?
We cannot confirm whether the regulated e-waste and other old appliances will be safely disposed of or recycled if we give them to "scavengers" or unlicensed recycling shops. These "scavengers" or shops often only extract the valuable parts (such as metals) from the old appliances and dispose of the rest, and handling old electronics in unregulated areas can cause chemical leaks that harm the environment and public health. We are a licensed regulated e-waste recycler, and we strictly monitor the harmful substances during the processing of old appliances at WEEE · PARK. Through detoxification, disassembly, and other processes, over 80% of the materials in the old appliances can be recycled, reducing waste.