Our Services


We provide free door-to-door e-waste collection service to Hong Kong population. The scope of our service covers 18 districts including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Outlying Islands. We serve customers from different locations including housing estates, village houses, Tong lau (heritage houses), commercial buildings, etc. Collection service is available within 3 – 7 working days after request.

In addition to regulated e-waste recycling service, we also offer data erasure and hard disk degaussing services. Please contact us for more details.


Get around to help

Our donation campaign is not limited by location. We will go around places where there are people in need. Back in 2018, ALBA IWS organized a donation campaign at Tai O after the super typhoon Mangkhut hit the island seriously. Our volunteers took a long way to ship the refurbished refrigerators and washing machines to the remote district, providing assistance to the affected households.

Care about different vulnerable groups

As part of the community, we pay extra care to the vulnerable groups including the ethnic minorities and the elderly living alone. In addition to providing refurbished appliances, we also pay visits to their home and care about their wellbeing.

Building partnership

ALBA IWS actively worked with various businesses and organizations on donation and volunteering activities. We are actively exploring different partnerships so as to maximize our contribution to the community.

While all collected e-waste is shipped to WEEE · PARK for proper treatment and recycling, we will also select some of the items for refurbishment and donation to people in need.

To apply for our refurbished appliances, please seek a referral from a registered social worker and submit a completed application form. For enquiry, please call 2290 5238 or email us at donation@weee.com.hk. 

For collaboration regarding donation programme, please call 3643 1616 or email us at tik.cheng@weee.com.hk.

To learn more about our donation events and community engagement campaign, please refer to our Donation Newsletter (Feb 2023 Issue).

WEEE · PARK Guided Tours

From refurbishment workshop to unloading bay & buffer storage area to processing lines, visitors can check out different functions of WEEE · PARK during the guided tour and learn about the management & conversion of regulated e-waste to resources.

Book a tour

Free of charge. Open to public from Monday to Saturday (closed on public holidays). By appointment only, all applications should be made at least 7 days prior to the visit.

If you are interested to visit WEEE · PARK, please complete the below form. For enquiries, please email to visit@weee.com.hk or call us at 2290 9517 /3643 1682.