Sustainable Green Features

The WEEE·PARK includes a wide range of sustainable green features. These features include adoption of natural lighting and ventilation; provision of green walls comprising hardy native climbing plants; use of PV panel for solar power generation, etc. By all these means, ALBA IWS strives to incorporate and apply green building principles at the various stages of the project’s life-cycle, as well as reducing the carbon footprint.

Solar power generation system

Green walls with hardy native climbing plants; 30% green coverage


Natural lighting

Environmental Benefits – Carbon Saving

On November 2020, ALBA IWS has reached the milestone of treated 2000000 WEEE. Over 140,000 tonnes of carbon emission and 43,000 tonnes of the recyclable component were saved from the 1000000 WEEE. The contingency plan of improving the recycling rate has been processed and keeping the recycling rate over 80% as our objectives ‘WEEE transform Waste’. *


Processed over 2,000,000 WEEE


Saved more than 140,000 tonnes of Carbon Emission


Recovered more than 43,000 tonnes recycled components


CO2 absorbed by over 6 million of trees annually

*‘Based on estimation done by ALBA IWS in Nov 2020 with no confirmation by a third party.’

E-Waste & The Circular Economy

As E-waste solution and management service provider in Hong Kong, the role of being a recycler enriched ALBA IWS to passionate in turning waste back to the production-cycle and participate in the circular economy of an electric equipment product. From the collection to reproduction of the second-hand materials or the step up on refurbishment & donation, we aimed to minimise the possibility to treat the material as waste and send the waste to landfill. The most valuable element is the education from education in view gallery, treatment line tours. The knowledge could convince people of the importance of waste reduction and reuse.