Treatment Facility

The WEEE Treatment and Recycling Facility - WEEE·PARK is the first of its kind in Hong Kong to collect, sort, detoxicate, dismantle and recycle television sets, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, as well as computers and certain associated devices including printers, scanners, and monitors. With ALBA IWS state of the art German technology, it will be able to deliver exceptional recycling rates of over 80%.


The WEEE·PARK includes a wide range of sustainable green features. These features include adoption of natural lighting and ventilation; rainwater harvesting for irrigation; provision of green walls comprising hardy native climbing plants; use of solar hot water system, etc. By all these means, ALBA IWS strives to incorporate and apply green building principles at the various stages of the project’s life-cycle.

The Facility will also accommodate an education area and viewing gallery which allows visitors to view the WEEE recycling process from delivery to processing.


Appliances in good condition will be picked out and refurbished for donation to deserving Hong Kong families. The complex e-waste will be dismantled to remove elements of the equipment, for example, compressors, cable, capacitors and coils, for recycling. Toxic substances, such as refrigerants, mercury-containing backlight of flat panels and leaded glass of cathode ray tube televisions will be removed in a controlled environment and sent separately for proper treatment. The remaining recyclable components will then be shredded and sorted into different types of useful materials, such as metals and plastics for reuse as secondary raw materials.

The facility will transform up to 30,000 tonnes of regulated e-waste into valuable raw materials each year. The capacity can be increased up to 57,000 tonnes by arranging additional shifts for the operation of the facility on a demand basis.

Four Main Treatment Line in TRF


The hard disks and solid-state drives from computers will be taken out and permanently destroyed by shredding or hole punching to ensure that the data inside not recoverable.